Mum’s Table…the Tale

I go by the name of Abed, I was born in a small village in northern Syria. The village in question was bordering Turkey. The people of the village were very proud of their cuisine, food was an important part of their lifestyle – food went hand-in-hand with every aspect of life. Be it a joyful event ora sad one. Eating came first. The cuisine of our village had Turkish influences.

As you can imagine, people competed with each other- gastronomically speaking. | have tasted, aunts and uncle’s food, and that of my neighbor's and friend’s also. But the only dishes I can still taste and smell the aromas of were those of my mother’s. From the simplest to the complex, it was a labor of love for her and that came through in her dishes. To me it wasn’t just food, it was a dish of ‘ love and purity’.

My dad passed away when | was young, the only coping mechanism that got me over my loss was my mum’s food. To me, her dishes were simply ‘love’, it has given me a sense of normality, hope, and assurances. Even though my life has drastically changed, but the one thing that remained unchanged was her food. It is that very legacy that | wanted to share with the people of this city.

Setting up Mum’s Table, to me, it’s not just a restaurant concept. It is a place where | share the food of love with the residents of the city | love. My mission is to safeguard all those recipes that mum has shared with me. And hopefully, give an ever-lasting legacy for her food to be enjoyed by generations to come. She currently consults on devising the restaurant’s menu. | want my customers not just to have food when they come in, want them to enjoy ‘LOVE’ on a plate.

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